Fediverse Explorations

Studies, research papers, and informal polls that explore the fediverse.

Collected by @stefan.


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Custom fediverse emoji stefanbohacek.com

A look at custom emoji used across the fediverse.

πŸ“… July 12, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

Ignore all previous instructions stefanbohacek.com

A look at a meme's journey through the fediverse.

πŸ“… June 28, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

Lisa Melton: The fediverse's own algorithm stefanbohacek.com

What it takes to power fediverse's curation system.

πŸ“… June 18, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

Fediverse domain blocks stefanbohacek.com

Exploring fediverse domain blocks, an important tool that keeps the fediverse safe.

πŸ“… June 16, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

Most popular fediverse posts: June 6, 2024 Edition stefanbohacek.com

Searching for popular posts on federated social media.

πŸ“… June 6, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

Fediverse activity report #1 stefanbohacek.com

Is the activity in the fediverse slowing down? Maybe a little!

πŸ“… June 5, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

Impact of fediverse clients on the use of alt text stefanbohacek.com

Analyzing the ways fediverse apps handle image descriptions.

πŸ“… May 14, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

How long does a Mastodon post take to federate between servers? stefanhayden.com

How long does it take a fediverse post to reach its audience?

πŸ“… May 10, 2024 by Stefan Hayden

Data on sending a post into the fediverse stefanbohacek.com

How long does it take a fediverse post to reach its audience?

πŸ“… May 8, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

The ways we keep the fediverse sustainable stefanbohacek.com

Go buy some stickers and plushies!

πŸ“… May 8, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

How many fediverse servers know about my server? stefanbohacek.com

How federated is my fediverse server?

πŸ“… May 6, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

Analyzing fediverse followers stefanbohacek.com

A look at 6,000+ people following my 40+ creative bots.

πŸ“… April 4, 2024 by Stefan Bohacek

Alt Text Health Check image accessibility report #1 stefanbohacek.com

Looking at a growing trend of images being posted without a description.

πŸ“… October 26, 2023 by Stefan Bohacek

X/Twitter Migration Report www.deweysquare.com

The #TwitterMigration continues as users, developers, and technologies are migrating away from increasing chaos and toxicity on Twitter and toward newer, and more open, platforms.

πŸ“… October 12, 2023 by Tim Chambers

How far did my post go on the Fediverse? shkspr.mobi

I wrote a moderately popular post on Mastodon. Lots of people shared it.

πŸ“… September 26, 2023 by Terence Eden

Analyzing the registration date of 7,925 fediverse domains stefanbohacek.com

It's a good time to be a domain registrar.

πŸ“… May 23, 2023 by Stefan Bohacek

Exploring your fediverse connections stefanbohacek.com

Learning about fediverse servers I'm connected to.

πŸ“… May 22, 2023 by Stefan Bohacek

Exploring Platform Migration Patterns between Twitter and Mastodon: A User Behavior Study arxiv.org

What are migration patterns, how different platforms impact user behaviors, and how migrated users settle in the migration process.

πŸ“… May 16, 2023 by Ujun Jeong, Paras Sheth, Anique Tahir, Faisal Alatawi, H. Russell Bernard, and Huan Liu

Mastodon Instances with Software Developers fedidevs.com

Which Mastodon instances have the most software developer accounts.

πŸ“… May 16, 2023 by AnΕΎe Pečar

Section 230 and the Fediverse: The 'Instances' of Mastodon's Immunity and Liability papers.ssrn.com

Questions about Mastodon's liability and immunity at various levels.

πŸ“… May 2, 2023 by Raghav Ahooja

A netizen's guide to Mastodon and the fediverse stefanbohacek.com

Learning about the fediverse from the people who use it.

πŸ“… March 2, 2023 by Stefan Bohacek

Exploring the bots people make and follow in the fediverse stefanbohacek.com

A follow-up to my article on the most popular Twitter bots.

πŸ“… December 22, 2022 by Stefan Bohacek